Hi, my name is Elisha and I am the proud owner of Bespoke Plants Qld.

My background is in event management and process review and development.
I started my love of plants about 8 years ago when building our second home. My clear brief was "Let there be light".

All I wanted was to be able to have beautiful indoor plants, with minimal fuss.

So like many, my first purchases were a huge Fiddle Leaf fig, a gorgeous and lush monstera deliciosa and a monstera adansonii in a full hanging basket.

Then I became addicted and had pots of succulents and every plant I could find.

Then my friends started asking me to find their plants too, so I did! It was a great way for me to feed my obsession without having to spend my own money!

Then the opportunity to turn this hobby into a business was presented in a quirky way. I was a regular at the most beautiful homewares shop in Caloundra - Whitepepper Homewares.

I would wander up the street and forgo eating my lunch just to browse through the store. One thing led to another and I started sourcing plants for Karen for the shop, gifting her cuttings and chewing her ear off about anything and everything I was learning on my plant journey.

Karen then developed the concept of the "Pods" and offered me the opportunity to have my own space. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and me being me I just could not possibly say no to being part of this magical space.

Now 5 years on I couldn't be prouder of what I have been able to create with the support of the Whitepepper family and my amazing Horti Lisette.

Our goal is to curate the most interesting collection of healthy, happy indoor plants, alongside a gorgeous array of hand-painted pots and other botanical accessories.

Meet Lisette

Lisette is our resident Horti and brings all the good ju ju to the plant babies.

Lisette started with us in 2021, studying her Cert 3 in Horticulture. She has an incredible green thumb and is passionate about plant health from the roots up.

You will find Lisette in-store Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and she is always keen to help you find the right plant or troubleshoot.

You can even book Lisette to come to your place for a one-on-one plant consult, help with repotting or other troubleshooting.

Lisette has a stunning collection of indoor plants and one of the coolest things she does is grower out mini gardens in old wheelbarrows!

Who we work with

One of the absolute best parts of what we do is who we work with!

From our incredible growers to the artisans we are lucky enough to showcase in our store.

Our Growers

We love our small, boutique growers - they are the reason you guys will find high-quality green stock in our conservatory.

Our Artisans

We love the creatives we work with some of our regularly featured artists are:

  • Honeys Plant Climbers
  • Elle's Balcony Garden
  • Rebel Art Creations
  • Luxe Foliage
  • Rosie Lou
  • Tui Dots
  • Pepin
Picture is of a small white wave pot with a ficus yellow gem and a large white wave pot with a lush and tropical Peace Lily Blue Moon styled on a wooden staircase

Designed to last

Another one of our goals is to curate Quality botanical wares. We have tried and tested so many products over the years and we stand by the brands we stock.

Our favourite brands for innovation, quality and design are;

Feed your plants

And last but not least - one of the fundamentals to plant parenthood is our Plant Care Products.

We have curated a simple to follow collection of plant care products that cover all the bases - and they are all made right here in Australia!

We the Wild

Made by Worms and not machines - this plant care range covers everything from soil health to pest prevention and a balanced "diet".

Munash Organics

This was the very first plant care range that we stocked in-store and 4 years later we still love it. The star of the show is the Foliage Spray. Trust us your plants will love it!

Plant Doctor

And last but not least is our friends from Plant Doctor. With some specialist formulas for ensuring your plants have the absolute best chance to thrive. Have you heard about Neem granules yet? No? Go check them out!