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Plant Doctor Neem Fertiliser Granules - 1kg

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The must have product for every plant collection.

Why we love them: 

  • All the benefits of neem oil but in a slow-release granular formula
  • Assist with building plants' immunity against unwanted pests - bye-bye fungus gnats!
  • Restores, renews and conditions the soil.
  • Absorbs 65% of its own weight in liquid, improving water retention that helps keep your soil moist but not soggy between watering.
  • Gentle NPK ratio, and helps increases longevity of nitrogen.

What the plant doctor says....

Greens grade Fertiliser

Neem Granules are suitable for all lawn and turf areas, e.g. all landscape/garden or pot plants including vegetables and fruit trees and are safe for environmentally sensitive areas.

No withholding period is necessary.  

Please note packaging is slightly different than picture

Neem Granules NPK

N 1% : P 1% : K 4% : Si 71% : Ca 1.5% : Fe 1.2% : Mg 0.6% : plus Trace Elements


  • All the known benefits of Neem Oil, made in to a slow release, easy to apply, granular product.
  • Natural VolcaMin Zeolite 1-2mm
  • added Nature's Soil Wetter

This product is a fertiliser and not registered with the APVMA as an insecticide.

Neem Granules should NOT be used with chemical products. 

Contains no toxic chemicals.

Customers tell us: it helps eliminate African Black Beetle larvae and other root eating insects, along with Army worm.

Benefits of Neem Granules:

  • Neem Granules have many potential benefits for plant & soil health
  • Neem is known to reduce most issues with insects and disease
  • Assists in naturally buffering pH extremes and problems i.e. long term
  • Powerful beneficial soil conditioner
  • Rain-fast, no leaching
  • Restores and renews lifeless plants
  • Slow Release...Neem lasts up to 3 months, VolcaMin Zeolite benefits for years
  • Helps increase longevity of Nitrogen
  • Economical and Environmentally friendly, reducing the need of numerous chemicals

Application Rate: neem granules

Apply 50–100gm per square metre.

Where possible, work the granules into the top 10cm of soil, or apply onto soil surface before sowing or laying turf.

You can also simply apply/sweep into cores/holes during turf renovation.


What is VolcaMin?….. The mineral from the Volcano, (Zeolite Clinoptilolite) used in Horticulture e.g. in composts/potting mixes or growing media/or as a carrier/soil ameliorant. Also used as a Silicate Fertiliser, and are superior/excellent as a carrier for chemicals like Herbicides/insecticides/slow release natural fertilisers, e.g. holding Fish liquid, seaweed or chemical liquid fertilisers. The hard granules do not break down when swept or handled.

Properties of OUR VolcaMin:

  1. High Absorbency: Absorbs 65% - 70% its own weight of liquid.
  2. Has broad range of Trace elements
  3. Inert: Will not react with other materials/liquids.
  4. Cation Exchange Capacity: (120 to 148CEC) for Nutrient retention, able to store and slowly release cations.
  5. Fusion Point: 1,570 deg. - 1,600 deg. centigrade
  6. Ideal pH = 6.5 (to 6.7pH)
  7. Non-Disaggregating: 
  8. Colour: Predominantly white and pink, minor grey
  9. Odour Control: absorbs, locks in and neutralises odours.



The VolcaMin minerals have been derived through in-situ from volcanic ash i.e. from a volcano.

Transformation processes have resulted in a tuff with an extremely porous structure. The high absorbencies suggest these minerals have very open frameworks. Dissolution and reprecipitation of amorphous silica has resulted in a 'welded' structure that does not disaggregate in water.


Mineralogically consists of quality Hydrated Calcium (Ca) Potassium Aluminosilicates essentially naturally amorphous silica mineral.


The 1mm-2mm Greens Grade Mini Prill grade has absorbencies that average 65 - 70% w/w.

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      Plant Doctor Neem Fertiliser Granules - 1kg
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