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We The Wild Plant Care Essentials Kit

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This is the Essentials kit and contains 1 of each; Support, Grow & Protect in full size bottles.

We the Wild products replicate the biodiversity of the forest floor to make your houseplants strong, fast growing and resilient.

Foolproof formulas that work great on their own but better together! Each is full of the plant-loving bacteria, enzymes and nutrients that are safe and healthy for your plants!

Support Pellets:

Slow-released over 2 months, our bioactive pellets spring to life once watered, slowly transforming your soil into a complex ecosystem ripe for growth.

Prolific root growth for established plants. Healthier and faster growing seedlings and seeds. Greater tolerance for over and under watering. 18+ organic ingredients 200+ micro organisms. NPK: 3:1:4 (microbes help plants take up nutrients more effectively) Neutral pH

Support Ingredients

18+ organic inputs are diverted from landfill, lovingly processed by Australian worms and slowly preserved to capture all that goodness! All products are certified by NASAA Organic (5544M). The 200+ microbe strains slowly release into soil and help the results to absorb all the goodness from the soil. It's packed with Mycorrhizal Fungi, that acts as the plants ‘messenger'. It means your plant builds a symbiotic relationship with the soil. NPK: 4:3:2

How to use Support

To refresh soil:

  • Mix 1-2 tbsp per plant into the topsoil every 2 months, water with Grow Concentrate. 

When repotting:

  • Liberally mix into store bought or old soil, ensuring contact with roots. 

For germination:

  • crumble, moisten and coat seeds thoroughly.

For water propagating:

  • layer the bottle of your vessel with support pellets and top with water, refresh every 2 weeks.

Grow Concentrate

A highly active and safe plant food, designed for fast absorption. Packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for fast growth, strong roots, and healthy plants.

Grow Ingredients

A potent blend of 18+ organic elements is diverted from landfill, lovingly processed by Australian worms, and brewed for a plant powering kick! All products are certified by NASAA Organic (5544M)
200+ micro-organisms help plants process nutrients much more efficiently, which means the levels of NPK can be significantly lower, for the same effect!
Organic trace nutrients provides broad spectrum nutrition in a safe and harmless form.
Mycorrhizal Fungi builds a beneficial relationship between the roots and the soil.
NPK ratio: 3:1:4

How to Use Grow

  • Shake well and dilute 1 squirt (1-2ml) per litre of water. Remember, our Grow Concentrate can’t burn or overdose your plants!
  • Water fortnightly, or with every second drink. Watch plants thrive!
  • Supercharge your solution! Combine 1/4 teaspoon of sugar for every 1-2ml of concentrate, then add water. Just like yeast is activated, the beneficial microbes will get an extra kick!

Protect Spray: 

A bioactive multipurpose spray that fights the signs of stress and builds the resilience of houseplants. With Neem Oil, Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and a microbial blend. Botanical oils including Lemon Myrtle has been studied for its anti-fungal and pest defence properties. Chitosan: has been studied for its ability to boost plant's natural defence mechanisms. Neem oil: commonly used for wide spectrum protection.

Protect Ingredients

This potent yet gentle formula combines our microbial solution with 100% natural
and organic ingredients. With Botanical Oils, Neem Oil, microbes and more! All products are certified by NASAAOrganic (5544M).

Deep dive into our ingredients here: Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Chitosan, Neem.

How to use Protect

  • Shake well
  • Spray on both sides of leaves in the morning or evening
  • Apply fortnightly or if your plant looks like it needs extra love
  • Relax and enjoy healthier plant babies!
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We The Wild Plant Care Essentials Kit
We The Wild Plant Care Essentials Kit
We The Wild Plant Care Essentials Kit
We The Wild Plant Care Essentials Kit
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