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Want to give your indoor plants the best life, tired of dealing with fungus gnats, mealy bugs or even just over watching your leaves turn yellow and dying off.

We have an extensive range of Indoor Plant Food from indoor plant liquid fertilizers, to soil improvers and also protects to help with managing indoor plant pests.

Buy instore on the Sunshine Coast at our Whitepepper Collaboration store or order online and have them shipped direct.

Plant Care Products

The number 1 most underrated part of plant parenthood is plant care products. From ensuring your plants maintain good soil health, correct nutrition balance and strong immunity against pests and disease, it involves so much more than simply watering them from time to time.

Indoor potted plants do not have the birds, worms and other insects bringing them organic matter to feed on, so you need to replicate that for them. From soil conditioning, fertilisers, and pest control products, we know it can seem a little overwhelming. That is why we have done the hard work and curated a small, trustworthy, value-for-money range of indoor plant care products specifically suited to indoor plant care.

What Are Our Top Plant Care Picks at Bespoke Plants?

There are so many products on the market, so we have narrowed down those options to just three simple, organic, and high-functional ranges.

Our plant care product range for the Sunshine Coast and beyond includes:

  • We The Wild Plant Care Range: Featuring a powerful trio: grow, support and protect, the team at We the Wild are changing the plant care game for the better. Made by worms, and not machines, these products are designed to reintroduce micro-organisms and beneficial nutrients back into your plants’ soil. The Support Pellets are a slow-release formula that will break down over 6-8 weeks, improving the soil’s condition. It will also help the plants’ roots reconnect to the soil, building immunity and strength to optimise growth and foliage output. The Grow liquid plant food is a gentle formulation of worm castings and other organic matter that provides all-year-round nutrition for your plants, supporting healthy and lush foliage.

    The Protect spray is a clever formulation of Neem Oil and other beneficial organic nutrients that help build immunity and protect the plants against unwanted pests when applied to stems and foliage. It smells amazing too! The dynamic trio is available in a range of gift sets and now also has convenient refill packs for the largest of indoor jungles.

  • Munash Organics Plant Care Range: One of the original plant care products we introduced into the store and still one of our favourites. The Munash range consists of Foliage Spray, Soil Food and Seaweed Tonic. The foliage spray is our top seller, and plants love the gentle yet nutrient-dense foliar fertiliser. Spritz directly to your foliage every two weeks, particularly your long vining plants and see them thrive.

    The mineral soil food features 67 life-giving minerals made of pristine volcanic deposits from central Victoria. As a slow-release formula, it won’t wash away when watering and will provide slow but regular nutrients as it slowly breaks down.

    Last in the range is the Seaweed Tonic, made from sustainable Australia Bull Kelp and added plant growth materials. The Seaweed tonic helps to condition your plants’ soil and provides gentle support to help your plants grow and thrive.

  • Plant Doctor Indoor Plant Care range: We have hand-picked some of our favourite products from the Plant Doctors' extensive range. The team at Plant Dr are total nerds in a good way and have some wonderful products that assist in your plants' health like no other. Our top-3 picks from their range are the Neem Fertiliser Granules, Rescue Remedy and Multivitamins and Stimulizer.

    The Neem Granules are our number-1 must-have for every plant parent; they contain all the benefits of neem oil but in a slow-release granular formula. They take 2-3 months to break down and provide support against pests whilst also assisting in keeping your soil moist and not wet by retaining up to 70% of their weight in moisture!

    The Rescue Remedy is an incredible elixir ideal for sick, stressed, or wilted plants. A seaweed-based formula with a gentle NPK ratio, featuring many nutrients not often found in other fertilisers, making it the perfect addition to your plant care routine.

    Lastly, Stimulizer, a powerful root stimulant, creates strong, healthy roots that will ultimately give your plant the ability to absorb all the goodness in the soil and provide the foundation for a strong, healthy plant. This is also the perfect product for your hydroponic plants!

Bespoke Plants partners with more than 30 Australian businesses and reliable growers to offer you our broad range of luscious indoor and outdoor plants, alongside our ultra-lightweight plant pots and unique hand-painted pots and planters. Our boutique offering has everything the modern gardener needs for successful indoor and patio gardening, including colour garden hoses and watering cans, quality garden tools, and a beautiful range of botanical gifts and accessories.

Order your plant care products online today or visit our Caloundra store for exceptional plant care advice on the Sunshine Coast.

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