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10 Pack Sticky Traps

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Secret Green Plant Traps

This kit helps customers control adult Fungus Gnats in home gardens.
Green, functional, aesthetic traps supported by wooden stakes to fit into every potted plant. These Green Plants are perfect for indoor plant owners with up to 10 houseplants.

Control Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Aphids, White Flies and Fruit Flies. 

What's in each Green Trap Bag:

  • 10x Waterproof Green Stealth Traps
  • 10x Biodegradable Wooden Support Sticks
  • Setting Up Your Kit Infographic Card
  • Compostable Zip Packaging

These unique Sticky Green Trap is simple, elegant and effective.  They're scented to attract flying pests, made in Australia, and offer easy-to-peel wings, all in a timeless design. They're even safe for pets and kids, making them the ultimate choice for any indoor garden.

Once set, Green Traps stay sticky for months. We recommend that customers replace them once per month or once full.

Size: Traps are 5cm across, and Wooden Sticks are 10cm long.

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10 Pack Sticky Traps
10 Pack Sticky Traps
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