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We The Wild Refill Packs
We The Wild Refill Packs
We The Wild Refill Packs
We The Wild Refill Packs
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We The Wild Refill Packs

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We the Wild products replicate the biodiversity of the forest floor to make your houseplants strong, fast growing and resilient.

Foolproof formulas that work great on their own but better together! Each is full of the plant-loving bacteria, enzymes and nutrients that are safe and healthy for your plants!

Support Pellets:

Up your repotting game, or boost your existing plant pots and planters with the best value way to buy Support Pellets. With enough pellets for 40-100 plants, the recyclable pouch means that you can tear, scoop and watch your plants grow stronger and more resilient.

Slow-released over 2 months, our bioactive pellets spring to life once watered, slowly transforming your soil into a complex ecosystem ripe for growth.

Prolific root growth for established plants. Healthier and faster growing seedlings and seeds. Greater tolerance for over and under watering. 18+ organic ingredients 200+ micro organisms. NPK: 3:1:4 (microbes help plants take up nutrients more effectively) Neutral pH

Mix pellets liberally into the soil. You cannot overdose or burn your plant.
Add a spoonful of pellets to the bottom of the hole.
Place your plant on top of the pellets, so the roots touch them.
Top up the pellets as below every 6-8 weeks.
For existing plants:
Sprinkle enough pellets to lightly cover the topsoil.
Gently mix into the soil.
Water in using diluted Grow Concentrate.
Your pellets will turn white as they activate, you can push them into the soil if you don't like the look!
Repeat every 6-8 weeks.

Grow Concentrate

Refill your Grow bottles with this simple-to-use liquid pouch. With 5x the amount of our standard bottle, this is perfect to keep 40-100 plants thriving all year round. Simply remove the dropper from your 150ml bottle, shake the liquid pouch and pour!

A highly active and safe plant food, designed for fast absorption. Packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for fast growth, strong roots, and healthy plants.

In Spring, you can use Grow 3 out of 4 times you water your plants. Shake the liquid pouch, remove the dropper in your 150ml bottle and fill the bottle.Squirt approx 1ml/L of water (you can't burn or overdose your plants)The liquid will become odourless once oxygen and water is added. You can continue using Grow throughout every season.

Protect Spray: 

Refill your Protect Spray bottle with our value pack refill. This liquid pouch contains 5x the amount of our standard product, to help you keep the leaves of 40-100 plants healthy and protected, year-round! Simply shake, refill and spray!

A bioactive multipurpose spray that fights the signs of stress and builds the resilience of houseplants. With Neem Oil, Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and a microbial blend. Botanical oils including Lemon Myrtle has been studied for its anti-fungal and pest defence properties. Chitosan: has been studied for its ability to boost plant's natural defence mechanisms. Neem oil: commonly used for wide spectrum protection.

You can use Protect every 2 weeks, or more often if required.

Shake the liquid pouch well, unscrew the lid of your 250ml bottle, and fill carefully.

Mist the top and underside of the leaves at a time that allows you to avoid very bright or direct sunlight. Make sure your plants are not dehydrated when spraying.

You can continue using Protect throughout every season.